I’ve concluded that there are three basic blog layout types. This, after twelve years and several thousand blogs designed. Fixed width, Full width, and a Hybrid layout that combines elements from the first two. Each layout type has its advantages.

A Fixed Width layout is very traditional, with all content framed in a nice and tidy-like. An excellent choice for those of us who are a bit OCD. Like a pinstripe shirt, they never go out of style.

The Full-Width layout is all the rage, and for a good reason. Your main navigation and masthead span edge to edge, allowing for more content and impactful imagery up top. Beautiful to behold on desktop displays and nice and clean when viewed on a mobile device.

Finally, the Hybrid layout which takes its cues from the first two. The navigation and mast are wide-open. This allows for the use of some nice graphics or textures. The post area is framed in. Pulling your eye right where it needs to go…the content.

Of the three, Hybrid is my favorite. What’s yours?